Home Health Care

June 16th, 2015

You can now purchase a plan to help cover expenses for Home Health Care.  Kemper Life & Health Company offers a plan that pays you a benefit of up to $150 per day for services like Skilled Nursing Care, Physical Therapy, General Nursing Care, just to name a few.  The plan reimburses you 80% of your prescription drug costs up to $300 a year (after a $50 deductible) also!  You can add additional benefits like hearing, ambulance, vision, physical exam reimbursement.  This simple application process can get you additional coverage that helps pay your co-pays if you have a Medicare Advantage plan for under $30 a month (75 year old).  Also, as of January 2015, you can actually purchase two policies for double the coverage!  Talk to one of our agents today and ask for Kemper’s Home Health Care information!

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